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Al-sahli co. for Poultry Projects

ALSAHLI HOLDING CO. Specialized in designing and building of poultry farms (broiler, egg-laying and breeders)

farm key for more over 30 years, designing and building protected houses moreover it has many international authorized dealerships and the only distributor for some companies:

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 munters  agri S.D.  hessin technocom  ultifan



The number of established projects since 1980 till now is (325) integrated projects (key handing).

Projects established in gulf counties, morocco, Yemen, Sudan are (15) projects.

Building automatic slaughter houses with all required energies.

Designing and building poultry projects with cages and automatic collecting.

Possessing the sales of poultry equipments and protected houses, spare parts, metallic works with their all shapes.

Building egg laying and breeder chicken farms with batteries and automatic egg

The iron framework:

Installing steel framework according to the latest techniques and designs relating to steel framework adapted to resist powerful and reversed winds. boultary2

fixing the steel frame by the anchor bolt fixed in the barn concrete .

Providing the frame with the special equipment relating to resisting powerful winds beside the necessary and proper equipments according to the frame design and type whereas feeding and drinking system and the equipments inside the barns.

Installing ribbed or chinks aluminum like a sandwich panel (inner and outer aluminum layer and isolated glass wool 10 cm between them)

Installing the isolated steel gates and emergency exits in the poultry barns.

Feeding systems:

Pan system (pan fodder):

a modern feeding system applied long years ago in the establishment. Within it, pans.

Numbers allotted for feeding suited to the poultry number and specified sizes in the barn are calculated.

Feeding the poultry is performed automatically through a fodder motor pulls the fodder from the vessel connected to the conveyor and pushes the fodder inside steel pipes by a spring on the feeding pans.

Fodder controlling is performed manually by pans and automatically by a sensitive device.

Chain system:boultary4

The establishment preoccupied previously to build it to the clients inside the kingdom and actually is built according to the client's needs.

The chain system is consisted as the following:

the fodder container , the fodder motor, the fodder paths, the fodder paths carrier, the crib corners, the angle carrier , the fodder paths joint, the fodder chain and the fodder cleaner.

The drinking systems:

Usual drinking system:boultary8

it is  performed according to the client's requirement whereas it depended basically on the usual conical drinks.

Nipple system:

an automatic controlling of drinking water inside the plastic pipe through the arranger existed in the drinking water line and distributes water to the poultry by a water thrower has a plastic cap under it to prevent the falling of the water on the brush.

Cooling and ventilation:


al sahli is a leading establishment in designing and manufacturing cooling systems in poultry barns including the international precise engineering system in the automation performance of the cooling pad and the fans to reach the ideal cooling inside the poultry house.

Aluminum cooling truffs that resists minerals are used to collect and distribute cooling water.

Designing fans number is according to the various age phases of chickens, and installing small fans and the reverse according to the poultry house designation.

Heating system:

al sahli co. follows heating system by hot air system via a heater works by diesel either by plastic along the barn or by a heater works by spontaneous consumption inside the barn.

recently our company tended to use a thermo-radiant heater which works on gas and put inside the barn where as heating is performed through certain metallic cylinders and the incendiary pushes enormous quantities of heat which gush to the barn ground which keeps them and then emits and distributes them all over the barn similar to the sun sunshine heat, controlling the temperature is done by sensitive device connected to the control panel.

Controlling systems:

boultary14al-sahli co. came to choose the best and most suitable systems and automatic methods for poultry farms for controlling temperatures inside the farms (by sensitive device inside and outside the farms).

Automatic controlling in feeding and drinking systems.

Protecting the device and equipments inside the farm besides making a sound and flash warning when any breakdown happens.

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