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Gulf Factory co. for metal manufacturing:.

Gulf Factory co. for metal manufacturing:.

Gulf factory is considered a leading factory in manufacturing of metal and poultry equipment's in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia

It is always develop its industry to meet the desires of its dealers, so as to provide them with the latest international technologies with highest levels of execution and quality.


Here are some of the available services:gulf2

The factory has the most modern equipment and heavy machinery capable of manufacturing steel frameworks and towing aluminum & chinco.

Manufacturing insulated steel doors.

All steel formations related to agricultural and animal activity.

Light and heavy steel industries in all fields.

Major industries of Al Khaleej Factory:

  • Manufacturing framework structures for modern steel buildings of prepared sectors
  • Designing and supplying factories including steel frameworks, stretchers, covering with painted colored sheet iron and aluminum.
  • Manufacturing and fitting automatic and isolated doors.
  • Designing and manufacturing automatic slaughter houses
  • Manufacturing poultry equipments and sheltered chambers
  • Designing and manufacturing readymade houses (Caravans)
  • Designing and manufacturing computer control boards for machines factories, poultry houses and sheltered chambers, as well as high pressure control boards
  • Manufacturing batteries for land and cage poultry breeding and supplying complete lines of modern automatic batteries.
  • For the first time in Saudi Arabia, Manufacturing batteries for meaty poultry breeding in cages according to the method of automatic chicken collection and packaging
  • Manufacturing poultry batteries for ground and cages raising, supplying complete lines of modern automatic batteries


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