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Was found in 1876 as a manufacturer of mills and pelleting presses.

More than 130 years of experience in plant and machine manufacturer made as a respected manufacturer through out the word .our traditional markets are the basic food and animal feed technology, sugar industry ,food and nutrient industry and the chemical industry .

KAHL is one of the leading manufacturer of:

  • Feed industry-complete compound feed factories, plant and individuals machines.
  • Sugar industry-pelleting plant for dried beet pulp.
  • Chemical industry-pelleting plants for powdery, lumpy or pasty product.
  • Disposal and recycling industry-plants for the production of fluff and pellets, recycling plants for waste tyers.
  • Food and nutrient industry-complete baby food plants, cereals cooking plants, cereals conditioning plants, pelleting plants.
  • Our motivation has always been to find an even better technology solution for our customers.
  • Our branches all over the world including GCC are fully aware about the product and always ready to help the customers and to find immediate solution for their problems.



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