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AL-Sahli holding co. is sole agent for jamesway products in Saudi arabai. Jamesway

Jamesway incubator co. Inc. is dedicated to the design, manufacture, marketing and service of hatchery equipment and accessories and offers complete before and after sales service consisting of hatchery design, consulting and educational programs.

Jamesway products:Jamesway1

Multistage equipment :

  • Allow the utilization of developing embryo by products (heat and co2) to serve the fresh set eggs.
  • Also the use of high-speed fans to create a laminar airflow pattern that in corporate water atomization as major humidificationand auxiliary cooling.

Single stage equipment :

  • Jamesway has the patent rights for the design and production of dehumidification option introduced to its platinum series incubators .
  • Specification of single stage:
  • Higher chick quality at hatchery and farm levels.
  • Better response to operator's and genetics requirments.
  • Lower production costs through energy saving and improve chick quality.


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